Old Mill Middle South PTA

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Welcome to the OMMS PTA, located in Millersville, Maryland. We encompass the true spirit of every child. one voice. Through our partnership with the school, students, parents, and community, we are proud to sponsor a variety of events. 


Parents and staff are always invited to join us at the PTA meetings to let your voice be heard. The PTA meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm virtually, at least for now. Links will be provided to members of the PTA, if you would like join the PTA please click the link to Join. All Meeting dates are posted on our event page.  Attending the meetings provides you with an opportunity to share your ideas, become more aware of school activities and influence decisions made for our school.  We encourage you to join us!


The PTA shall remain a PTA in good standings by adhering to National and Free State PTA Best Practices and local, state and federal laws. Per the Free State PTA Bylaws, shall annually review, complete, sign, and submit the agreement by the required deadline.
The PTA will clearly brand all PTA events and communications to raise awareness of PTA programming and activities.
The PTA will conduct purposeful fundraising, to fully fund the OMMS PTA budget.
The PTA will promote, attain and support membership.
The PTA will involve and encourage greater parental support by providing a variety of opportunities to volunteer.
The PTA will offer grant funds to support school and curriculum-based activities.

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